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"The last crate mat you'll ever have to buy!"

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Deluxe Crate Mat

When other crate mats fail dog owners turn to TuffComfort! 

The toughest crate mat available.  Guaranteed chew proof, dig proof, and comfortable.  Custom sizes available.

One year "Chew and Dig Proof" warranty and 100% Happiness Guarantee or a full refund.

Standard Crate Mat

Good for Your Dog, Easy on You!

Made for travel and wire crates.  Dig proof, easy to clean, and provides cushion.  Available with tie down holes and custom sizes.

One year "Dig Proof" warranty and 100% Happiness Guarantee or a full refund.

What sets us apart from other companies?

Custom Sizing

We are the only company that custom sizes crate mats to within 1/4."  Most companies only offer standard sizes that may or may not fit your crate.  We offer a fully customizable crate mat.

Composite Material for Mat

Most companies use some form of fabric or 40 ounce vinyl in their beds to make them dig resistant.  We've developed a way to permanently adhere our top surface (truck bedliner material) to closed cell, cushioned foam.

We are the only company to use this type of concept in a chew and dig proof dog mat!

Lifetime Warranty & 100% Happiness Guarantee

Buy with piece of mind and a no hassle experience! 


Happiness Guarantee - We are the only company to offer a 30 Day Happiness Guarantee or a full refund including shipping.

Warranty - We offer a "Lifetime Manufacturer's" Warranty for product defects under normal use.  Our "Chew and Dig Proof" warranty is good for one year.

Replacement - In the rare event that your dog chews or dig through our mats, we can make a mat specifically suited to prevent the damage from happening again.  ** For example, we can apply a double coated top surface for extra dig resistance at no charge. **

Receive a Discount and a "Free Consult."  Use our expertise to help you find the perfect mat or bed for your dog!