Chew Proof Dog Crate Pad

"The Last Crate Mat You'll Ever Have to Buy"
Deluxe Crate Mat

You've found it: the world's toughest, chew proof crate pad manufactured to withstand the world's toughest dogs.  Engineered for your dog and built for your piece of mind, the Deluxe Crate Mat provides the ideal blend of toughness and comfort. 


The top layer, which is the same as truck bed liner material, makes it dig proof.  The PVC edge encapsulates the top layer making it chew proof.

Custom Sizing

We are the only company that custom sizes PVC crate mats to within 1/4."  Most companies only offer standard sizes that may or may not fit your crate.  We offer a fully customizable crate mat.


Chew proof dog mat.  Corner of Deluxe Crate Mat.
Chew Proof

PVC edges prevent dogs from chewing the mat edge.

Chew proof dog crate mat design.
Chew Proof Design

The top layer slides into the PVC pipe.

Chew proof dog crate mat.  Grooved edge design prevents chewing mat edge.
Mat Stays Flat

The PVC pipe slides over the grooved channel preventing dogs from pulling the frame off the mat.

Chew proof dog crate mat.  One piece pvc corners are more durable.
Extra Durable Corners
Orthopedic Cushion

Cushioned foam provides comfort similar to an anti-fatigue mat.

This is the only PVC dog mat with a foam cushion layer.

Corners are the most chewed part of a mat.  Most companies use a top and bottom corner bolted together which is susceptible to chewing.

Our one piece corners are much stronger.

Tough Yet Flexible Surface

The top layer is dig proof and flexible providing toughness and comfort.

Drain Holes

After cleaning stand mat up to allow water to drain through PVC.

Water / Urine Proof

100% water proof.  Simply spray or wipe off to clean and let dry.

Warranty & Happiness Guarantee

Chew proof dog mat for crates.  Happiness guarantee and "Chew and Dig Proof" warranty.

Lifetime Warranty & 100% Happiness Guarantee

Buy with piece of mind and a no hassle experience! 


Happiness Guarantee - We are the only company to offer a 30 Day Happiness Guarantee or a full refund including shipping.

Warranty - We offer a "Lifetime Manufacturer's" Warranty for product defects under normal use.  Our "Chew & Dig Proof" warranty is good for one year.

Replacement - In the rare event that your dog chews or dig through our mats, we can make a mat specifically suited to prevent the damage from happening again.

Get your "No Hassle, No Pressure" consultation.  Need help deciding what mat is best for your dog?  Our custom report provides the "Pro's and Con's" for different mats and beds (not just ours).  We want to help you make the best decision!  Click here.