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Guarantee | lifetime warranty
Happiness guarantee and warranty for chew and dig proof dog crate mats.

Happiness Guarantee

All our TuffComfort Crate Mats come with a "100% Happiness Guarantee!"  Use your mats for 30 days and if for any reason you don't like it we will provide a full refund including shipping.


Lifetime Warranty

TuffComfort warranties each mat to be free from manufacturer's defects in material or workmanship under normal use and service for the lifetime of your dog from the original date of purchase.  This warranty covers all parts of the mat.  

Standard Crate Mat

Each mat comes with a "One Year Dig Proof" warranty.  If your dog digs through the mat surface making it unusable we'll issue a full refund or send a replacement mat per your choice.  * Note that the standard crate mat is designed to fit snugly in crates or cages to prevent dogs from reaching the edge. This will stop some dogs from chewing the edges.  The standard crate mat is not warrantied for chewing*  However, you are still covered under our "30 Day Happiness" guarantee above.

Deluxe Crate Mat

Each mat comes with the "One Year Chew and Dig Proof" warranty.  If your dog digs or chews through the mat making it unusable we'll issue a full refund or send a replacement mat per your choice.

Replacement Mat

We don't just send another mat.  We work with the customer and manufacture a replacement mat specifically for your needs. 

* For example, if you dog digs through the mat surface, we can send one with a double coated surface for extra dig resistance. *

All warranties (Lifetime Manufacturer's, Chew Proof, and Dig Proof) extend to the original purchaser and are non transferable.