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Deluxe Crate Mat. Chew and dig proof mat for dog crates.

TuffComfort makes shredded dog mats a thing of the past!

Are you a Retailer, Vet, Trainer, or Rescue that recommends great products to your clients?

We make chew and dig proof crate mats with comfort specifically designed for wire or travel crates. 

Our Partner Program works through Discount Codes.  You'll be assigned a discount code.

  1. Your clients receive 5% off orders.

  2. You'll receive 15 - 20% of each order (For the Retailer, Trainer, or Rescue Organization).

How Much Can I Earn?

$12 - $45 per mat sold

Benefits for your customer
  • Great products designed specifically for crates.

    • Only company that customizes sizes and features.​

    • Chew proof, Dig proof, and comfortable products.

    • Mats for any type of wire or travel crates.

  • Superb Lifetime Warranty or a full refund -

    • 100% Happiness Guarantee​

    • One year Chew and Dig Proof warranties

    • Custom replacement mats or a full refund.

Our Promise to your dog!
How it works?

Partners promote our products through social media, website, passing out discount fliers, displaying our retail display and etc.  Your customer uses a specific discount code when ordering from our website.  We work with each partner to provide marketing materials best suited to your needs.

Here's an example of our Counter Display for the Standard and Deluxe crate mats.  Each display includes a flier, take home coupon cards with a customer discount, and a product sample.


We take care of all the details from manufacturing to answering customer questions and shipping.  We write a check to your organization / business each month for any commissions earned.

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